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Here comes your weekend: Shades of Gray – Midnight Lover

25 Nov

If your weekend is kicking off, this nostalgic chi-town track should get things going for you. This is from the debut album, out now, from Shades of Gray who have been putting out some good stuff on Om Records and Tronicsole. Enjoy!

Onra – Chinoiseries 2

19 Nov

Parisian based producer Onra is back with another Vietnamese/Chinese record sampling album. Chinoiseries 2 picks up on the success of the first series, released in 2007, and follows the same theme. Some good tracks on the album, check below.

Interesting fact: Chinoiserie is the French term, signifying “Chinese-esque”. Chinoiserie is a mixture of Eastern and Western stylistic elements for both the decoration and shape.

Dirg Gerner, very excited about this artist!

16 Nov

Wow, mixing together electronica with soulful jazzy sounds in a very exciting and refreshing way, Dirg Gerner is making some great music. He has an EP, “Loose Lights” coming out 21st Nov ’11 and if this track w/FLako feat. Dirg Gerner is anything to go by, we are in for some real gems!

This track is just too good…


A taste of things to come from Portico Quartet…

15 Nov

Modern jazz quartet Portico Quartet have a new, highly anticipated album coming out in Jan 2012 and as a taster of things to come they have made “Ruins” available for free download. You can find that here and the video below.

Interesting fact, they use an UFO shaped steel-drum-like instrument called a hang in all of their songs which has quite a distinctive sound. You can see it played in the video below…


Joe Goddard – Gabriel (Ossie Remix)

12 Nov

I really like this remix by upcoming producer Ossie, who seems to be rising through the ranks very quickly. Ossie recently released his second EP “Set the Tone” on Hyperdub and has been well recieved after his debut “Tarantula” on Lightworks. It has a different feel to his other material, beats and vibe are darker than some of the housier outings. Anyway, check it out and also have listen to “Alien” which is also available as a free download.

Joe Goddard – Gabriel (Ossie Remix)

Ossie- Alien

James Blake – “Love What Happened Here” … just nod your head

11 Nov

On Benji b. Expect this out soon on R&S records. Boooooommmm…

Whiling out to The Oscar Peterson Trio

7 Nov

After visiting the legendary London Jazz club, Club 606 and listening to some fantastic acts including Natalie Williams (whom I just discovered to a bunch of work with liquid DnB producer Nu:tone), Nikoletta Szőke and her husband Jozsef Barcza Horvath, I started digging out some jazz I hadn’t listened to in ages.

One that jumped instantly was The Oscar Peterson Trio which is the amazing work of Oscar Peterson and a range of other legendary jazz acts including Herb Ellis, Ray Brown, Charlie Smith and Irving Ashby. I can still see an old Oscar Peterson Trio record sleeve from an ex-girlfriend’s father sitting on the wall of her living room and listening to this track, what amazing piano…

Kwaito, as I remember it

6 Nov

So UK DJ, Benji B had UK funky/garage/bassline/house producer, Mosca on his most recent episode of his Radio 1 show and one of the tracks that was dropped in that show was a Kwaito track by DJ Mzi “Jaiva More”. It got me thinking about how, since DJ Mujava’s “Township Funk”, Kwaito has really started to infiltrate international DJ’s playlists and is now heard in electronica clubs the world over. However the atmosphere of this new wave of Kwaito feels very different to when I first listened to Kwaito in the 90’s in SA.

For those not familiar with Kwiato is a South African offshoot genre of house that emerged in the 90’s, merging influence from hip hop, house and local South African songs, sounds and lyrics. It has been a dominant musical force for predominantly young black South Africans and has enjoyed waves of resurgence over the last few years.

In memory of Pantsula dancers, grey Dickies trousers, white All Stars and “sporties”, Bop Radio and shitty car sound systems here are some real classic Kwaito tracks from the early days of the genre:

BTW if you are looking to get your hands on some of these songs check out this compilation Various – Kwaito Classics Volumes 1

Jackknife – Fester

Mashamplani – Is Fokol is Nicks

Makhendlas – Iminwe

Mdu – Mazolo

Jeru The Damaja in London in Dec ’11

6 Nov

Standing in the queue for the Lex Records party last night I overheard some guys talking about a Jeru The Damaja gig coming up soon. I instantly got my phone out and did some homework and yes he is playing in London in December! Details for the concert at The Garage are here

For those who know and love the early Jeru stuff here is something to get you excited about the concert if you are in London. For those who dont, you need to be getting The Sun Rises in the East and Wrath of the Math.

Jeru The Damaja – Can’t Stop The Prophet

Jeru The Damaja – Ya Playin’ Yaself

Jeru The Damaja – Me Or The Papes



Ghostface Killah and MF Doom: Top tracks

5 Nov

Doom vs Ghostface KillahOff to see GFK and MF Doom tonight at Roundhouse in London for the Lex Records 10th anniversary. In honor of the gig,  find a few of my favorite songs by these two awesome artists. Also check out the Lex Records 10th anniversary podcast here.

Madvillainay – Saliva

Ghostface Killah – Apollo Kids

DangerDoom – Sofa King

Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500