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Kwaito, as I remember it

6 Nov

So UK DJ, Benji B had UK funky/garage/bassline/house producer, Mosca on his most recent episode of his Radio 1 show and one of the tracks that was dropped in that show was a Kwaito track by DJ Mzi “Jaiva More”. It got me thinking about how, since DJ Mujava’s “Township Funk”, Kwaito has really started to infiltrate international DJ’s playlists and is now heard in electronica clubs the world over. However the atmosphere of this new wave of Kwaito feels very different to when I first listened to Kwaito in the 90’s in SA.

For those not familiar with Kwiato is a South African offshoot genre of house that emerged in the 90’s, merging influence from hip hop, house and local South African songs, sounds and lyrics. It has been a dominant musical force for predominantly young black South Africans and has enjoyed waves of resurgence over the last few years.

In memory of Pantsula dancers, grey Dickies trousers, white All Stars and “sporties”, Bop Radio and shitty car sound systems here are some real classic Kwaito tracks from the early days of the genre:

BTW if you are looking to get your hands on some of these songs check out this compilation Various – Kwaito Classics Volumes 1

Jackknife – Fester

Mashamplani – Is Fokol is Nicks

Makhendlas – Iminwe

Mdu – Mazolo